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First release of AI Radio Bot is ready for action

Press PLAY on the player below and hear AI Radio Bot in action. As we develop/advance AI Radio Bot, out promo stream will reflect all improvements and will demonstrate new features. What you hear right now in the live stream is what AI Radio Bot is already capable of doing. Promo stream is ran autonomously by our AI Radio Bot.

If you prefer to use a different player, you can always playback our promo broadcast as the network stream by tuning into the following stream URL:
Desktop or Mobile versions of VLC player work great. However pressing PLAY on the player below is much simpler.

AI Radio Bot is a fully featured online radio streaming server, which can already be also used as a video streaming server as well, if you wanted to. Powered by Deep Neural Net Text To Speech , AI Radio Bot will read your text content to your listeners, using the variety of men’s and women’s voices. Quality of our Text To Speech could be heard in our demo stream. All reading in our demo stream is done by the machine. AI Radio Bot will also automatically manage broadcast for you. It will mix text spoken content with jingles, bumpers, stingers as well as professionally produced by humans music. AI Radio Bot allows you to provide your own prerecorded clips in MP3 format, in case you would like to add advertising clips to your broadcast or any other custom prerecorded audio clips. All of the features are configurable, you can easily switch them on and off through a config, as well as you can set the frequency of of the content repetition. Lets say you would like to have ads playing every 4 articles read and switch off the music broadcast all together, you can easily do that as well.


  • Multilingual Text To Speech:
    • Autonomous Audio File generation
    • Autonomous Video with custom backdrop background image (for broadcasting to YouTube or other Social Media Platforms)
    • Autonomous Content Sourcing from RSS/Text Files/Restful API
  • Autonomous Broadcast Schedule Management:
    • Text To Speech Audio
    • Text To Speech Video with custom backdrop background image (for broadcasting to YouTube or other Social Media Platforms)
    • Radio Jingles, Bumpers and Stingers
    • Custom Prerecorded Audio (great for ads or any custom prerecorded clips you would like to mix into the broadcast)
    • Music provided by our licensed provider (professional quality music produced by humans)
  • Supported protocols:
    • HTTP , HTTPS, RTMP (Our demo stream on this page is coming in as HTTPS. We have also tested streaming to social platforms as well as YouTube, which requires stream to be sent over RTMP protocol. Runs great. For YouTube and alike, AI Radio Bot generates video files, with the custom image background and then streams the video clips to YouTube. Multi-platform streaming is not supported yet, but we are working on it. Multi-platform streaming will be possible in no time with AI Radio Bot as well. We will announce multi-platform streaming support here on this page when it is ready.

AI Radio Bot is deployed as the cloud based solution only as of today. We decided for now to keep it to our own cloud, where we could deploy it for you and be there to fix any issues if they happen, as well as update the code for you as soon as we release new builds, which we release regularly. We will run as the cloud based only solution until we complete all features we have in the pipeline as well as the front end.

Industry is moving fast. Contact Us today and start running your own Online Talk Radio powered by AI Radio Bot. All you will need to do is to write good quality text for AI Radio Bot to read. The rest AI Radio Bot will do for you.

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