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Great news for all musicians. We decided to give all musicians the chance to have their music played on the radio stations, hosted by AI Radio Bot.

As you might already know, radio stations hosted by AI Radio Bot are primarily the talk radios. However, just talk alone is boring. Therefore, we decided to spice it up with music. All radio hosts get an option to add music to their broadcasts. And no, we don’t want to use machine learning to generate music. The music, from our point of view, is too personal to humans. And besides, the music generated by artificial intelligence today is still emotionless. That’s what separates humans from machines. Humans have emotions, which machine do not have, at least yet. Music is very dependent on emotions. Therefore we decided to only stream music, which was written by humans. AI Radio Bot will perform the duty, which it is great at, choosing which music tracks to play and when.

For musicians, this is the great opportunity to get their music heard by masses. Definitely, the music recording has to be good in quality. Please contact us, send us the URL, where we could listen to your music tracks online. We don’t care which genre your music is. More genres, better for us. However the quality of the sound recording itself, should be acceptable.

It is often very hard to get your music played on FM stations. AI Radio Bot, however, does not discriminate. We welcome all music and all musicians and hope that our radio service will help some or all musicians to get their name out, and maybe even become world famous. We would love it, if we help any musician, get world famous.

AI radio Bot is open to the whole world. Therefore you never know. Maybe your music will make you famous not in your country, but in some other, foreign world.

Contact us today and let us hear what you composed. And good luck.