What is AI Radio Host?

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Let’s first start from differentiating what belongs to humans from what is reserved for machines. 

The radio host is the human who is running the talk show on the radio. Therefore calling A.I. powered computer based radio alternative to human as the host is simply unfair to the human radio host profession as the whole, which belonged to humans for far too long since the radio has been invented. 

Similarly to how A.I. based assistants were called the Chat Bots, the A.I. based radio host is called the AI Radio Bot. Let’s leave Radio Host for the humans and refer to A.I. on radio as the Radio Bot. 

AI Radio Bots are the computer programs, which are powered by Machine Learning Deep Neural Networks, designed to automate certain tasks, which were before done by humans. 

Today many tasks could be automated on the radio. The selection of the musical content could be easily automated and even tailored differently for each listener. We see that heavily used in the onDemand music streaming services. Some Generative A.I. DNNs even attempt to generate music right there and then on the spot in real time. 

Text to speech technology lets radio bots automate the talking. The quality of the text to speech done by deep neural net models is so accurate, that it is practically impossible to tell if text was read by the human or the machine. In the case of our version of AI Radio Bot, we also used deep neural net powered text to speech technology to automate the talking, where the human only needs to provide the written text itself. And we didn’t stop there.

Our version of A.I. Radio Bot comes as the fully featured advanced radio streaming server, where even the selection of the jingles, bumpers, promos and music, which are played between the spoken content are also all automated by A.I. Radio Bot.

Our text to speech engine doesn’t just read the text. It runs the analysis on the text to choose best possible voice to read the text with. We have multiple men’s and women’s voices available and A.I. Radio Bot automatically chooses which voice it will use for each article.

Our A.I. Radio Bot is also multilingual. One could use let’s say the French translation of their text, which was originally written in English, to broadcast their message to French speakers, without even needing to know how to speak French.

Radio Bots are definitely not here to replace human Radio Hosts, but to enhance human abilities on the radio. Imagine the possibilities. We are just starting to innovate in this area. However whether you decide to call it the host or the bot, we definitely encourage the title of Radio Host to be left to humans. The A.I. Radio Bots are definitely here and will be more so in the future, helping services such as emergency responders as a good example and many others to continually broadcast their message to the public. Especially when recording humans is not an option, having A.I. Radio Bot reading the text will make the world of difference and help many people.