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Artificial intelligence technology is advancing in leaps and bounds. And with that new uses that are yet to be imagined are now possible. Any web portal now can voice their information, stories, or even create a fully produced radio like shows. You can now have your own broadcast that may change the way we get information, create social content, news, and entertainment. There is a multitude of applications where AI Radio Bot could come in handy.

Civic applications:

All schools, athletic entities, city services, emergency responders, philanthropic organizations, local government agencies and pretty much anyone who could use an announcer to deliver their message in the spoken form, now can have an information channel to broadcast events, news, announcements and any other information with a lifelike AI voice, by providing nothing else, but text. Message could be delivered once or could be delivered in a loop over and over and over until you change it or stop it.

Commercial applications:

With AI Radio Bot all commercial entities like news stations, radio stations, advertisers, publicists, journalists, and marketers now have a powerful and easy to use software, which can deliver their message 24/7 with minimal involvement. Cutting production time, cost, and scheduling to near nothing. We have engineers who can customize and scale the platform to fit your needs, and even build additional new features per your request. For marketers and publicists, your stories, which have in the past only existed as text, today have a real voice.

Social applications:

How about yourself running your own talk radio? Have you ever wanted to run your own 24/7 talk radio? I bet you did, since you are reading this article. AI Radio Bot will turn your text to an automated lifelike AI voice radio stream in no time. If you just want a new way to get your voice out there, turn your text-based journalism into a real voice that engages your audience. AI Radio Bot takes your text-based content and turns it into a new rich media format your audience will be engaged by and relate to by listening.

AI Radio Bot has changed how we transmit and receive the information, news, and entertainment. The applications are almost limitless. Sky is not even the limit anymore. We could use AI Radio Bot technology even for astronauts in space to broadcast their thoughts, which they could post once a day as simple text. I’d personally listen to them any time.

Definitely please let us know your ideas of application for AI Radio Bot. We would love to hear them all. Please comment or send us a note via Contact Us form.

And if you always dreamt of running your own talk radio, you are in the right place, give it a try.