Artificial Intelligence Radio is now a reality.

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Imagine running your own radio station, without having to lease a studio, without purchasing expensive hardware, microphones, streaming servers, without hiring any technicians, without having to schedule what content will play and when, and even without recording yourself speak or having to speak yourself to the microphone, which today you obviously don’t have. Imagine running your own professional talk radio right from the couch of your home, managed completely by Artificial Intelligence with you doing nothing else, but what you love the most, writing the text to be broadcasted in a spoken form on your radio. You are now probably thinking about some Sci-Fi fiction. Well, it’s not the sci-fi anymore, it is real and already possible today with AI Radio Bot. AI Radio Bot is a game changer technology in the world of talk radio. It is designed to autonomously run your talk radio off of the text content, which would be your only job to write.

Absolutely autonomously, AI Radio Bot will choose with voice to read each of your articles with, when to read it and even will spice up your broadcast with professionally produced radio jingles and bumpers. If you choose to, it can even mix in some music from our library of dance music track. All while you concentrate on one thing and one thing alone, writing interesting text content for AI Radio Bot to verbally deliver to your listeners. The quality of our powered by deep neural nets text to speech is so accurate, it is practically impossible to tell AI Radio Bot reading text from the human reading the same text and we are improving this feature more and more as we continue to work on this unique invention.

Now that you know it already exists, imagine the possibilities…