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The main goal for AI Radio Bot is not only the automation of the radio broadcast, but also the affordability of this service for masses. The goal is to price it so every writer in the entire world could turn their text content into a talk radio in no time at the price, which won’t break their bank.

This opens doors for all, even small scale bloggers to turn their text into a talk radio. Imagine navigating to your favorite blogger’s website and being able to not just read, but to tune into the live radio stream, where his or her articles will be read to you with some music in between, making the listening experience even more exciting.

FM radio stations are becoming more and more the relic of the past. More and more people listen to the radio from their mobile phones. AI Radio Bot provides the stream URL, with which bloggers could add their broadcasts into the existing IP Radio services, making their streams available for many more listeners who are already consuming radio through those IP Radio Services.

AI is not only advancing in the radio space. The machine learning powered text translations are becoming more and more flawless. Imagine the possibilities. Now you are not just able to broadcast your text content without need to even read it yourself, but also you can have it broadcasted in multiple languages, reaching the rest of the world, which until today was out of reach.

The sky is the limit. We, at Precise AI Technologies, work tirelessly to bring you the unique features, which you have never even imagined. The first version of our service is just the beginning. We are continuing to work on new unique features, which nobody have even thought of possible.

Our early subscribers will all receive the exclusive chance to access all our new features at no additional cost. Therefore start your own talk radio today, using AI Radio Bot and join the future of talk radio. At the end, you will be the one who will benefit the most in the field of AI Radio.