Who is the listener of AI Radio?

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In 2023, the Pew Research Center reported that the consumption among the 12 years old or older Americans grew from 12% saying they had listened to a podcast in the last month, to a 31% in 2023 saying they have listened to at least one podcast within the last week. That number went up from 26% in 2022. Complete article could be found here:


Based on the study conducted by ExplodingTopics.com, the number of people listening to podcasts in USA alone increased over years, reaching around 140 million listeners. Complete article could be found here:


You can even visualize graphically the growth of the podcast consumption on Statista.com:


As you witness, just as we do ourselves when conducting our own research, the consumption of receiving information in the form of podcasts steadily grew from a decade ago and continues to be on the rise.

What is the podcast? It’s a prerecorded audio with someone delivering some piece of information in a spoken form over audio onDemand. It could be the news, opinion, point of view or educational content, you name it.

With AI Radio Bot, we are taking podcasting to the next level. Now everyone could be the podcaster 24/7, removing even the barriers such as accent, which I myself have as an example. My accent always prevented me from recording my own speech on top of my YouTube travel videos. Yes, I write great articles in English, yet I speak with accent myself. AI Radio Bot lets people like me to continue writing and be able to deliver my written content in a spoken form, without having to record myself even reading it.

AI Radio Bot also in a way reinvents podcasting by broadcasting podcast-like clips as the continuing stream, one after the other. There is a huge benefit to that. When podcast is onDemand, listeners would click to listen to one clip, then have to go back and make another choice, which some listeners might not even be able to make, while driving a car for instance. With a continuing live stream by AI Radio Bot, listeners get to listen to the multitude of your articles without having to even think which one to play back. Thus discovering a lot of your content, which otherwise they wouldn’t have even known about. It also lets you as the writer, deviate once in a while from the topics you are used to and known for, and experiment with unrelated topics, which your listeners are used to expect from you.

AI Radio Bot also brings the tremendous value for every text content creator out there. Using AI Radio Bot, every publisher and blogger gets a chance to expose their content to a steadily growing new market of content consumers, who would rather listen to your articles, than read them. And just as the statistics show, the market of listeners is growing steadily year after year. In part thanks to the technologies such as Blue Tooth, which connect every mobile phone to the stereo system in every new car.

One of the issues I have noticed myself personally over the years is the luck of good news on local FM stations. I.P. radio is a great alternative. More and more people worldwide prefer to use their mobile phones as the radio device in a car, rather than listening to the FM stations. I am one of them. And using AI Radio Bot, you can now deliver the steam of your written content in a spoken form to every driver in the world, while concentrating only on writing good quality content, letting AI Radio Bot to read your text and broadcast it without you having to worry about it at all.

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