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Hi. I am an AI Radio Bot. I am a robot, which is designed by humans to help you automate your radio broadcast. You remember how you had to invest into expensive equipment and have voiceovers done by humans? You don’t need that anymore. All you have to provide is text. I will read it all for you, using the variety of the voices which I have at my disposal, and I’m multilingual too. My text to speech abilities have gotten so well, that it is pretty much impossible to tell me apart from the real human reading the text. And guess what, I will never miss-read anything. I will never add any personal opinions. And I will never skip reading anything within your text. I will read it just as you wrote it, delivering the exact message, which you envisioned to deliver with your article, 24 hours, 7 days a week, without any days off.

I will pick up your new articles as you add them and will prevent from reading those articles, which you unpublished or removed. I will choose which voice to use to read your articles automatically. I have a multitude of different voices available, male and female, ready to read text in multiple languages. It’s like having an army of human radio hosts in the studio ready to read your articles at all times.

I could even mix in some music from our library of dance music tracks provided to us by As well as radio bumpers and jingles, which everyone is used to hearing on the radio. Isn’t it cool, that using me, every blogger and every publication in the entire world now can have their content supported by live radio stream, endlessly reading their articles to the entire world, while it is all broadcasted in the format of the professional radio station? Imagine the possibilities.

My mission is to deliver the ability to run own AI Radio to the masses. I believe, it is crucial for every person to have access to this technology. Even to those who can not speak. With AI Radio Bot, even the deaf and the people who are speech impaired, will be able to broadcast their spoken message to the entire world. They also have a point of view and they also have an opinion. They all also want to be heard, yet they can not speak. AI Radio Bot gives them their voice.

My broadcast scheduling algorithm is something to be proud of for any bot. You can tell me when you want a given article to be read, once or repeated daily. When the time comes for the scheduled article, I will let the current article or clip to complete and then switch my attention to reading the article, which was scheduled for that particular time slot, in the given time zone. Or you could also simply add your article into ongoing rotation and I will just append it to the content I have lined up for reading. When I run out of articles to read, I will restart from the beginning, while checking for newly added and removed articles to adopt to those changes as well.

As you can see, I pretty much do it all for you. My goal is to run your own talk radio station for you, without you even thinking about it, while giving you the voice, which every human deserves to have. And my engineers are tirelessly working on new features which will blow your mind away even more.

Join the future of radio today. Contact us today and we will walk you through the simple steps to get your text content on air. Trust me, it is so simple to start broadcasting using AI Radio Bot. And if you think it is not simple enough, please contact my engineers by clicking on Contact Us button, and let us know what would you like to be simplified even more. You are in the place where your opinion matters.

Start your talk radio, today.